Desert Solace offers a clinical in-patient and immersive treatment program that works with lasting results.

Don't try to overcome this on your own, we deeply understand the issues, and we can help


Mark Jorgensen founded Desert Solace in 2011 with a vision of creating a place where those suffering from the affects of pornography addiction, other sexually related addictions, substance abuse, and more could seek recovery in an environment of compassion, empathy, and hope. 


In-Patient Residence

There are many programs and methods out there to help overcome addiction, but our research and experience has proven that an in-patient and immersive experience in the best and most-lasting way to make a positive impact for our guests.

Each guest has their own bed and place for learning and private reflection. We've designed the center to look, feel and be experienced as much like a comfortable home as possible.



Our experts and clinical professionals have over 100-years of collective experience in understanding and helping people overcome the grip of addiction. We get to the root of the problem with each guest, and work with them and their experiences to provide therapy and training that will help them for their entire life.

Our professionals are CSAT certified to address sexual addiction issues, and continue to stay current with methods and standards of the ITEP Institute.


Healthy Lifestyle

From our patient interaction to our rigorous daily schedule, we promote and train our guests on the importance of living a positive and healthy lifestyle. Our menu, activities and meditation are all designed to build the life skill for our clients to live healthy and productive lives. Daily exercise, frequent yoga session, and a breathtaking natural environment create the perfect healing environment for our guests.

“My mother-in-law pulled me aside tonight and said that there is a totally different spirit & energy around me since coming home from Desert Solace. It feels so good to have people see light in me. I’m so incredibly grateful I was led to Desert Solace and all of you.
Thank you just doesn’t cover it. “
— Recent Desert Solace Graduate

EquinE Therapy

We provide on-site therapy with a collection of loving and gentle horses, and a professionally trained staff. Our guests learn how to take care of and interact with these special animals. Daily interaction helps the patient learn lessons of trust, respect, love, and honesty...all while learning how to ride and take care of another being that depends on their care.

Desert Solace Family Support

At Desert Solace we believe the addictive behaviors of one can affect the entire family, which is why we offer strong support to our client's families. Our Family Liaison organizes and facilitates weekly support conference calls for parents of the client, (if they are single), and also a different call for spouses. The calls are a safe place to share, ask questions, and learn about self-care and boundaries for family member. We also are a resource to families and past clients after they complete to program and are returning to their lives at home.

“Mark and I are devoted to the treatment of pornography because we have seen firsthand the devastating effects of this terrible disease, and believe in recovery for the entire family,” she says. “We are committed to bringing this addiction out of its shameful shadows so people will reach out and seek the help that can save marriages, families, and even lives.”
— Jerri Jorgensen, Family Liaison
I’m feeling so blessed to be a part of this group, and had it not been for trudging through the lowest of lows, I wouldn’t be here. Rather than focusing on the bitterness and victimhood of the situation, I’m starting to see the silver linings. That’s a big step for me!
— Megan, Client Spouse

Desert Solace is a residential recovery center in beautiful southern Utah for individuals and families struggling with addictive behaviors. Our primary focus is the renewal of hope and healing for those struggling with the impact of pornography and its related issues. Tour our Center here.
The 45 days I spent at Desert Solace was a short time compared to the many years of pain and struggle I experienced living in my addiction. I feel like Desert Solace really jump-started my recovery and gave me a truly solid foundation to build on. Where once there was hopelessness and despair, I now experience true hope and joy on a daily basis.”
— Wade, Age 25

The Desert Solace facility is built next to one of the most spectacular and beautiful natural red-rock canyons in the western US. Snow canyon is full of hiking trails and bike paths through a desert landscape of slick-rock, sand dunes and majestic canyon walls.  The perfect environment for healing and meditation.


Snow Canyon

Walking distance from Desert Solace

“You and Desert Solace were an answer to the pleading prayers of all of us. We will forever be indebted to you and grateful for you. We will always carry in our hearts a great love for you.”
— The Smith Family