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The porn industry and some well-meaning friends will tell you that viewing pornography will not hurt you or your partner. Desert Solace is here to help you understand how pornography can come between and break your relationship.

1. Pornography is cheating. Many people consider viewing pornography to be a harmless activity that will not affect their partners in any way. However, if you watch someone commit sexual acts or you view another body with desire—someone who is not your spouse or significant other—you would be mentally cheating on your loved one. Infidelity is not always a physical act with another person. Those who view porn in secret already know this, even they are unable to admit it out loud.
2. Pornography changes the brain. When viewing pornography, an individual may think of their significant other in relation to what they see on screen, but the brain associates those feelings of arousal with the virtual images. Research has found that even softcore sexual material can cause partners to have decreased appreciation for their partners’ looks and sexual performance. The images on screen and the words in print become more appealing and more easily accessed than the love and attraction of another human being.
3. Pornography creates a rift. Some couples try to compromise or expand their sex life by viewing pornography together. They buy into the fallacy that pornography will strengthen their relationship when, in fact, it does the opposite. Your partner can’t measure up to the actors on screen, and this leaves couples feeling dissatisfied with each other’s performance. Pornography reflects the outer husk of love and sex without the substance of intimacy.

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