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Technology is everywhere in this digital world; unfortunately, so is pornography. With just a few clicks of your fingers, pornography can invade your home and be seen by everyone in the family: mom, dad, and kids. The best way to prevent pornography addiction is to keep it from entering the home in the first place. Here are 5 ways to stop porn from entering your home.

  1. Content Filter: content filters can block pornographic media from devices. These filters can be built into hardware, installed, or even offered by your internet provider. Some devices and websites may also come with safe-mode options.
  2. Computer Location: Don’t have computers in bedrooms; keep them in a public location. This ensures that members of the family can make sure others aren’t accessing pornography.
  3. Internet Use: When one uses the internet frequently for long periods of time, they are more likely to access pornography. Set time lengths for internet use and only go on the internet if you have a reason to. Just “surfing the net” can lead to pornography.
  4. Spot-Checks: Perform unannounced spot-checks on your children’s devices. Do the same thing for your spouse as well.
  5. Game Plan: meet with your family and discuss the dangers of pornography. Tell your children what they should do if they accidentally view pornography.