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Pornography often tears marriages apart. However, a spouse can be the biggest support for a porn addict who is trying to recover. Spouses should not have a passive role in helping their partner overcome addiction to pornography.

React Calmly

When you realize that your spouse is addicted to porn, your may feel hurt and react in anger. But doing so can make it more difficult for you and your partner to work together towards recovery. Take a deep breath and calmly speak to your spouse and listen to what they say.

Communicate Honestly

When you first learn that your partner is addicted to porn, encourage them to reveal the extent of their addiction. Don’t have them give detailed information about their behavior, but ask how long ago they started and how often they view porn. Doing so helps both of you understand the extent of the problem.

Attend Meetings

Listen to or attend recovery meetings together. Doing so will help you understand what your spouse is going through and the best steps to take in their recovery process.

Be Patient

Pornography addiction recovery doesn’t happen overnight. Have patience with your partner and their efforts to change.

Extend Forgiveness

This may not be easy, but it is necessary. Holding a grudge can only hurt yourself and may inhibit your spouse’s work towards recovery. Forgiveness will encourage them in their efforts and helps you heal emotionally as well.

Offer Support

Always support your spouse as they work to overcome this addiction. When they feel loved and accepted, they will work harder as they progress on their path to recovery.