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Just like substance abuse, gaming, and gambling addiction, pornography addiction can impact the individual as well as their family. Here at Desert Solace, we offer a curriculum that is spiritually based and includes individual as well as group therapy and a 12-step program.

This often calls for family participation at certain points throughout the process. Spouses and other family members are actively engaged in the recovery process from the moment the individual enters the center. Visits are designed to allow spouses and family members to participate in the healing process to gradually close emotional and psychological wounds.

Our full-time individualized treatment plan often includes individual therapy, group therapy, and regular 12-step meetings. We also encourage outdoor recreation and have equine therapy available at our on-site horse corral.

Desert Solace also offers a family weekend as a chance for families to bond again and heal the wounds brought on by pornography addiction. This can be an important step toward forgiveness, understanding, improved communication, and focus on family values.

We feel it’s important to address all aspects of a healthy lifestyle. To this end, our services also include health and wellness training, aftercare, creative arts, and life balance education. This applies to emotional, physical, and relational well-being.

If you’ve been struggling with pornography addiction and its influence on your family, you should call 435-228-5011 to speak to the helpful staff at Desert Solace in St. George, Utah.