Mark Jorgensen founded Desert Solace in 2011 with a vision of creating a place where those suffering from the effects of pornography and sex addiction can heal.


Our vision for Desert Solace also includes help for clients struggling with other addictions such as drugs and alcohol, as well as other behavioral addictions such as gambling and electronics.  Although our primary focus is on sexually related addictions, we recognize that someone struggling with addiction can have other issues at the same time.  We have created a safe place where men can seek recovery from all forms of addictive behavior in an environment of compassion, empathy, and hope.  

We will never forget the day we brought Ben to Desert Solace. We were heart broken, discouraged and fearful to leave him there. Not knowing if treatment there would help him and maybe all of that money would be wasted. But upon meeting you and the team, all of that disappeared and we felt calm, peace, love and hope. As his mom, I felt such relief and comfort. It’s an experience I will never forget nor have I experienced anything like that before.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the help you have given our son. Words will never be able to express our gratitude.
— The Smith Family




Mark Jorgensen
Founder & Co-Director

Mark Jorgensen founded Desert Solace in 2011 with a vision of creating a place where those suffering from the affects of pornography addiction and other sexually related addictions could seek recovery in an environment of compassion, empathy, and hope.

Mark was born in Logan Utah and grew up on a farm in Cache Valley. Following two years of missionary service in Taiwan, Mark graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree in Business Management. He has spent the last 20 years as owner and operator of Keith Jorgensen’s, a retail music company dedicated to enhancing the lives of people through making music. Mark and his wife Jerri are the proud parents of eight children and seven grandchildren. He enjoys spending time with his wife and family on the beautiful bike routes, golf courses, and hiking trails of southern Utah.

Mark’s passion for the cause of recovery from pornography addiction is fueled by his personal journey from the depths of hopelessness, despair, and shame to the joy and hope healing can bring.

“Though this addiction is soul-wrenching, I want to show others what I have learned and know is true – that the renewal of lives and relationships is truly possible.”


Lynne Clark
Clinical Director

After completing undergraduate studies at Adams State College and Brigham Young University, Clinical Director Lynne Clark graduated from University of Nevada Las Vegas with a master’s degree in family counseling.

Opening her practice in 1989, Clark has specialized in working with DSMIVR disorders including: suicidal, manic-depressive, bi-polar, histrionic personality, schizophrenic, clinically depressed, eating disorders, post-traumatic stress syndrome, separation anxiety, elective mutism, anxiety disorders, and physical, emotional and sexual abuse. She has received training in Gestalt, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Art and Music Therapy, Strategic, Brief, Rational Emotive Therapy, Cognitive, Ericksonian, EFT, Systems Theory, People Centered, Adlerian, Interactive Imagery, and Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR).

Prior to beginning her career as a marriage and family therapist in 1989, she worked as owner and operator of a full-service photography business which she still maintains today. Clark recently published a photographic history of St. George, Utah, about which she lectures regularly. She is also a former member of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

“I have had a rather interesting mix of experiences in my life and am often able to understand what many people think and feel because I have ‘been there.’ I believe that may be part of what gives people confidence and hope as we work together. I enjoy working with difficult issues and helping those struggling in addiction find the strength and power to renew their lives and restore their relationships.”


Clinical Director

Courtney is an Associate Clinical Mental Health Counselor specializing in treating pornography, sexual addiction, and the co-occurring disorders of anxiety and depression associated with addictive behavior. The shame, guilt, and secrecy of childhood wounds can drive individuals to seek relief from a painful past by engaging in illusive present behaviors that at some point stop becoming as need satisfying as they once were. Individuals do not set out to make their lives unmanageable but find themselves developmentally stuck when maladaptive behaviors become habitually unconscious.

Courtney has the ability to assist clients wake up to who they are and realize their true potential, while walking them through the process of grieving the loss of unhealthy parts the self no longer needs to survive. His previous experience as a case worker for The Department of Child and Family Services and a case manager/therapist for Switchpoint Community Resource Center (homeless shelter), has prepared Courtney to work within a variety of client belief systems and circumstances.

Courtney received his BS degree in Human Development from the University of Utah, his (SUDC) Substance Use Disorder Counselor certificate from The University of The Pacific and his MS degree as a Clinical Mental Health Counselor from The University of Phoenix (St. George campus). Courtney is a certified Prime For Life instructor for DUI offenders and has trained with the IITAP Institute, obtaining the current status of (CSAT-C) Certified Sex Addiction Therapist Candidate.

“Thank you for what you have taught us and how you have helped us the few short weekends we were there. Our son is quite a different person now. I watch him handle things now in a much healthier way he forgives himself and works to love himself. He’s calmer and seems to feel comfortable in “his own skin”.

You truly are an angel to us sent from Heaven. You and Desert Solace were an answer to the pleading prayers of all of us. We will forever be indebted to you and grateful for you. We will always carry in our hearts a great love for you.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You”
— The Smith Family


Professional Staff


Jerri Larson Jorgensen
Co-Founder & Family Liaison

Living with a spouse who deals with pornography addiction can be devastatingly difficult and painful, as Jerri Larson Jorgensen knows first-hand. She also knows how critical it is to the survival of a marriage caught in the trap of pornography addiction for spouses and supportive family members to engage in the recovery process. As Desert Solace Family Liaison, Jerri facilitates communication between the Center and the spouses and families of our clients.

Everyone who meets Jerri is smitten by her zest for life, her compassion and her enthusiasm for recovery. In addition to providing spouses and families with communication and support, Jerri also facilitates Desert Solace family and spousal support groups and runs a community S-Anon meeting. A client's spouse explained her interaction with Jerri and our Family Support program, "Thank you Jerri for creating this safe space for us to learn and grow!"



Ricardo Antonio Rubio
Director of Operations

As Director of Operations, Ricardo Antonio Rubio takes as much pride in caring for the Desert Solace facility as he does in preparing personal nutrition and fitness plans for clients. In addition to managing the property, Rubio also serves as lead chef and fitness trainer on campus.

“My goal is to help each individual establish the basis for healthy living,” he says. “A healthy lifestyle includes structure and routine and assists us all in achieving our goals.”

Having studied health and fitness management at Texas Tech University, Rubio spent several years working as a chef for Starwood Properties. Prior to settling in Southern Utah to work as a personal fitness trainer, Rubio lived in Texas and California.


Julie Forbes
Equine Facilitator

Julie Forbes has always had a love of helping people and working with horses. Over the years, she has also been active in many disciplines within the horse world, and after an introduction to Equine Assisted Learning (EAL), she realized her passion. Julie has become experienced in the art of helping individuals make a spiritual and emotional connection with horses to assist in their personal healing and recovery.

“There are no words to describe the experience and the healing that can take place in working with one of these amazing animals,” she says. “Horses are great teachers and I have learned so much from working with them.”

Julie is certified in Equine Assisted Learning and Wings: Bridges to Freedom.

“My mother-in-law pulled me aside tonight and said that there is a totally different spirit & energy around me since coming home from Desert Solace. It feels so good to have people see light in me. I’m so incredibly grateful I was led to Desert Solace and all of you.
Thank you just doesn’t cover it. “
— Recent Desert Solace Graduate

Desert Solace is an addiction recovery center in Utah. Nestled in the red rocks near St. George, the Desert Solace Recovery Center offers a successful clinical therapy, combined with equine therapy and plenty of time outdoors. Our focus, different from other treatment centers is the focus on healing the entire family.

“We can’t thank you enough for all you have done for our son.

You have helped him gain so much knowledge to bless his future. Thank you for being his parents and family these past two months. He has felt much love, friendship and encouragement from each of you. You have provided him with so many tools. You have a wonderful program and we thank you for being an answer to our needs.”

— Parents of Client, Age 22