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There are many different kinds of addictions in our world today, and gaming is one of them. Gaming is a fun pastime for children and adults alike, and it offers a great chance for families to connect. However, it can also be considered as addictive. As a result, people become so invested and involved in their favorite game that they begin to cut themselves off from the world and they refuse to live their life.

Many people love the rush of emotion they feel when they are in control of a video game, especially when there are so many things in our world that are out of our control. Being in control is a powerful feeling and many people love the adrenaline rush that the game provides. The appeal is real, and we understand.

Here are some symptoms that result from video game addiction:

•You experience feelings of anger, moodiness, depression, or anxiety when you’re not playing.
•You think obsessively about the game, even when you are involved in other things.
•Instead of spending time with family and friends, you play on the computer or gaming system.
•You lie about the amount of time you spend playing video or computer games.

If you experience or do any of these things, please know that you are not alone. There is hope. You can overcome these feelings and you can get back to enjoying the real world again. Take control of your life and begin your quest toward healing and happiness. Call us today at 435-817-1351 so you can rediscover the adventures in your own life.