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There is no stereotype when it comes to porn addicts or those who view porn frequently. Pornography affects all demographics, regardless of age, race, gender, or social class. However, research has reported that pornography is more likely to affect people who have ease of access and are looking to escape reality for a time.

Contrary to what many people think, pornography is not just about sex and sexual gratification; it’s about escapism and the opportunity to live in a secret world, if only for a few hours. Doctors, company directors, managers, and more turn to pornography to escape the daily grind and the accompanying stress. Even retired professionals are prone to choosing pornography as a means to fill their now nearly empty schedules with something exciting.

The issue and irony of using pornography as an escape is that pornography ensnares the mind, encouraging users to give up their hobbies, withdraw from their families, and even lose sleep in order to spend more time in this virtual world. In less time that you may think, pornography can become the center focus of your life.

If you have found yourself turning to pornography to escape from stress, routine, or boredom, we at Desert Solace urge you to fill your time with more wholesome and fulfilling activities, such as:

• Join a sport
• Take up a fun hobby
• Serve the people you care about
• Spend time outside
• Enroll in a class
• Try yoga and other relaxing exercises

You are always welcome to turn to Desert Solace to learn how you can avoid pornography addiction in St. George, Utah. Please call us today at 435-817-1351 if you have questions or are in need of reassurance.