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Pornography use has a plethora of negative side effects on a person’s life. Often Pornography leads to addiction, lying, feelings of shame, and a host of other negative physical and emotional side effects. Quitting pornography and masturbation is extremely beneficial in many facets of a person’s life.  Things can only change for the better after a person decides to quit pornography.

After quitting pornography use a person will have much more time and energy.  Taking porn out of the equation suddenly gives back a huge chunk of time when things can get done. Since boredom can be an excuse for relapse it is important to fill this time with useful things. Working on projects, learning new skills, or reconnecting with friends and family are all worthy uses of this extra time.  Recovering addicts also often find that they have more energy than they used to, because they are no longer putting their bodies through the exertion of orgasm several times a day.

Pornography has several negative consequences when it comes to a person’s sex life.  For instance, some men experience erectile dysfunction after prolongs pornography use, they might also loose the desire for real life sexual interactions.  This is because they become desensitized to regular sexual interactions and must seek out extremely particular scenarios on the Internet to become aroused.  When life fails to conform to these particular scenarios many men find themselves unable to perform.  Regaining sexual ability is often simply a matter of quitting pornography.  After a little bit of time it is possible to become aroused without pornography, to stop objectifying others, and to feel desirous of real sexual interactions again.

Prolonged pornography use also decreases testosterone levels.  This can have a host of side effects such as increased risk of being overweight, and increased risk of some cancers.  After quitting pornography these levels return to normal.  An ex-addict will also often develop a deeper voice because of this.

Overcoming addiction requires a great deal of self control and will power.  An addict must learn to wait out intense cravings, identify and deal with triggering situations, and will themselves into a better place in life.  This will power can then be transferred to other areas of their lives.  Self- control is a useful skill. And some one learning to overcome addiction must achieve it.

Addictions are often emotional crutches. Instead of facing past or current problems an addict can turn to their source of addiction for emotional comfort.  When the crutch is discarded and person decides to overcome their addiction these emotional problems will resurface.  Dealing with these issues creates emotional fortitude in a person, leaving them better able to handle day to day disappointments and setbacks.

Quitting pornography comes with a powerful sense of accomplishment.  Pornography addiction is a huge obstacle.  It sucks away time and energy, induces feelings of shame, lowers the sex drives, and often causes a person to lie to their loved ones.  When a person overcomes pornography addiction things seem possible again.