How Pornography Can Change Your View of Sex

Teens who receive most of their sex education from pornography and adults who turn to pornography to satisfy their lusts often find their view of sex becomes warped over time. Below our team at Desert Solace offers a few examples of how pornography can change the way you see sex:

Consent is not often present.

Many graphic videos and images depict non-consensual situations and then twist it to seem as though the victim is enjoying the act against his or her will. This is not a portrayal of healthy sex, which should always be between two consenting partners who respect one another’s wellbeing.

Pornography provides unrealistic expectations.

Pornography is sold as a fantasy to its audience, which is why so many videos and erotic literature portray sensual situations that could not play out in real life. However, if these situations are all teenagers and compulsive viewers are seeing, they can develop false assumptions about what sex is really like.

People can become disinterested in real-life intimacy and sex.

Viewing pornography can lead to the development of sexual fantasies that can’t be achieved through intimacy with a partner. When partners can’t meet the standards set by pornography, some people stop becoming aroused by the prospect of real sex and retreat back to pornography.

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