Why Professional Help Is Needed to Recover From Pornography Addiction

If you have an addiction to pornography, you may have noticed it begin to affect other aspects of your life, such as your relationships and intimacy. Your chances of overcoming pornography and regaining your life are much greater with professional help, and our team from is here for you. Similar to an alcohol or drug… Read more »

Shield Your Children From Porn With These Tips

Pornography can be a deeply destructive substance, and the sooner it takes root the more damage it causes. In today’s world, it’s not easy to keep children safe from the effects of pornography, but you can take certain steps to protect your loved ones. Speak with your children about what pornography is and why it’s… Read more »

Spousal Participation Can Help in the Recovery Process from Pornography Addiction

Pornography addiction continues to be a widespread problem across the United States of America, and specifically the state of Utah. It is more common in younger males, though it can certainly have an impact at any age. Married men and women who become trapped by a pornography addiction often start to distance themselves from their… Read more »

Pornography Addiction Can Have a Gradual Effect of Moral Degradation

Pornography addiction is a disturbingly prevalent and increasing problem in modern day culture. This multi-billion dollar industry makes every effort to invade our lives with images, videos, and various intellectual properties. The wide range of images and videos available with easy access to the internet can start with simple curiosity, that can quickly transform into… Read more »

Pornography and Gambling Addiction Often Causes an Obsessive-Compulsive Cycle in the Brain

Many people are aware of the obsessive-compulsive nature of substance abuse addiction. At the same time, pornography and gambling addiction also engage a compulsive-obsessive cycle that often needs to be addressed in order to obtain long-term recovery and cessation. Just like other forms of addiction there escalation or tolerance can be a factor that drives… Read more »

Pornography Addiction in Both Sexes

Starting from a very young age, it is possible for individuals of both sexes to become exposed or drawn to pornography. An innate curiosity about sex is a normal human behavior; however, early exposure or abuse can lead this curiosity to develop into an addictive spiral. We can help females and males of all ages… Read more »

How to Avoid Returning to Pornography

One of the surest ways to determine if you have an addiction is to go without the object of your addiction for an extended period of time and note your body’s response to its absence. For those who struggle with pornography addiction, though, avoiding triggers and sources can be extremely difficult in a highly digital… Read more »

Pornography Addiction Can Be Associated with Escapism Regardless of Demographics

Some forms of addiction are more prevalent in certain demographic groups. Pornography addiction however, seems to cross cultural boundaries, value systems, and cultural differences. This might be related to its widespread prevalence in our culture, ease of availability, and connection to a common biological drive. Even people who are averse to using alcohol, drugs, or… Read more »

Watch Out for Signs of a Loved One Struggling with Pornography Addiction

Pornography addiction is becoming ever-more prevalent in our society. It’s wide spread availability in print and on the internet, makes access all too easy. It can often be viewed, used, or consumed in private making it hard to immediately notice a friend or family member developing an addiction. However, there are a few common signs… Read more »

A Focus on Family and Spirituality Can Help in Recovery from Pornography Addiction

Just like substance abuse, gaming, and gambling addiction, pornography addiction can impact the individual as well as their family. Here at Desert Solace, we offer a curriculum that is spiritually based and includes individual as well as group therapy and a 12-step program. This often calls for family participation at certain points throughout the process…. Read more »