A Focus on Family and Spirituality Can Help in Recovery from Pornography Addiction

Just like substance abuse, gaming, and gambling addiction, pornography addiction can impact the individual as well as their family. Here at Desert Solace, we offer a curriculum that is spiritually based and includes individual as well as group therapy and a 12-step program. This often calls for family participation at certain points throughout the process…. Read more »

Pornography Addiction Can Lead to Sexual Dysfunction in Otherwise Healthy Relationships

Watching pornography online or looking at magazines and other sexual media on a frequent basis can cause you to develop an addiction to pornography. Like many addictions, this can gradually start to alter your brain chemistry and lead to escalation. When this occurs, a person struggling with pornography addiction may start to seek out increasingly… Read more »

Recovering from Pornography Addiction Often Requires Professional Help

An addiction to pornographic images and videos can spread out into other aspects of your life. This can harm relationships, lead to sexual dysfunction, struggles with intimacy and maintaining healthy long-term relationships. Like addictions to alcohol and drugs, the first step for an effective recovery from pornography addiction is to recognize that you have a… Read more »

Keeping an Active Lifestyle Can Help Fight Your Porn Addiction

Did you know, pornography can keep you trapped in an inactive lifestyle? Dopamine and serotonin are two out of four “happy chemicals” in our brains. These two chemicals are triggered and released from watching porn, making the addiction harder to break. However, what many people may not know is those same two chemicals are released… Read more »

Viewing Pornography Decreases Productivity

You may have noticed that when you view a pornographic video, you aren’t accomplishing anything else. The content of that video has your full attention, and you don’t feel compelled to focus on other distractions, work, or hobbies during that time. At , we advise you to be aware of the effect pornography has on… Read more »

Why It’s Important to Quit Pornography

Pornography is as addictive as any drug, alcohol, or tobacco product, but the effects are not manifested in your appearance. Our team at urges you to quit pornography for the sake of your mental and emotional health. The use of pornography stimulates the portion of the brain that releases dopamine when the body experiences pleasure,… Read more »

Choosing Family Over Pornography Addiction

If you have a compulsive habit of viewing pornography, you may feel that you can prevent your family from being negatively affected, but the sad truth is that you can’t. When pornography addiction enters a home, every family member experiences the detrimental effects. At , we aren’t here to judge you; we want to help… Read more »

Pornography Addiction Harms Love

At , we are committed to helping individuals break free of pornography addiction and find happiness and fulfillment away from the world of virtual sex. Many pornography users begin visiting websites or hoarding magazines with the belief that their new hobby isn’t hurting anyone, especially their loved ones. Unfortunately, however, we have witnessed the damaging… Read more »

The Science Behind Pornography Addiction

“I can stop any time I want” is the iconic identifier of an addict. Even individuals who haven’t spoken those words have certainly thought them a time or two. The very definition of an addiction renders the saying meaningless. So, why are addictions so addicting? Why are they so difficult to stop? At , we… Read more »

How to Talk to Your Child About Pornography

January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month. In recognition of the widespread problem of human trafficking and sex slavery, we at would like to shed light on its most common and vulnerable demographic: children. Pornography is strongly linked to human trafficking, and more and more children are becoming addicted to a threat that they don’t fully… Read more »