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Pornography addiction continues to grow in modern culture. Internet videos and magazines abound in many American households. The ease of availability for adults can easily lead to a pornography addiction.

At the same time, children in your home can also become accidentally exposed. A magazine tucked away in a closet, a browser window left open, or an active browser history could be accessed by your son or daughter.

Of course, young minds are not equipped to process sexual and graphic imagery. The American College of Pediatricians notes that pornography exposure at a young age often causes anxiety. Children who are accidentally exposed to pornography report feelings of disgust, shock, embarrassment, anger, fear, and sadness.

This could cause issues later in life, including chronic anxiety, depression, and other side effects associated with early sexualization.

Here at Desert Solace in St. George, Utah, we recognize that pornography addiction is never a victimless condition. It affects the whole family in one shape or form. That’s why we have developed a program to help break pornography’s grip on your psyche while also working to rebuild family connections.

This includes individual therapy, group therapy, and involving the family in the recovery process. Our highly trained and compassionate staff will help you identify your triggers and underlying factors related to your pornography addiction.

If your pornography addiction is starting to have an impact on your family, you should call 435-817-1351 to speak to a staff member at Desert Solace.