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If you have a compulsive habit of viewing pornography, you may feel that you can prevent your family from being negatively affected, but the sad truth is that you can’t. When pornography addiction enters a home, every family member experiences the detrimental effects. At Desert Solace, we aren’t here to judge you; we want to help you choose your family over your addiction.

If you are unsure whether your addiction has affected your home life, ask yourself this question: Has my attitude or my behavior changed in any way since I began viewing pornography? Please be honest with yourself. If the answer is yes, your addiction is impacting your family.

Addiction affects everyone in your life, whether or not they are aware of the problem. Even if your spouse, children, parents, siblings, or significant other never stumble across the pornography itself, they can be hurt by the secrecy, loss of interest, withdrawal, and aggression that often accompany a dependency on pornography. We encourage you to choose your family over your pornography addiction to preserve the relationships you need the most. Pornography doesn’t love you, but your family does.

Even in the midst of your struggle with pornography, there is hope for recovery, but it requires you to become self-conscious of your addiction and willing to seek help. If you are ready to set aside your pornography addiction and rebuild your life with your family, we encourage you to visit Desert Solace for addiction recovery in St. George, Utah. Call 435-817-1351 today to learn more about our program.