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The statistics of individuals addicted to pornography, sex, or substance abuse are devastatingly high. Many of these addictions coexist in a dark situation known as “comorbidity.” Though comorbidity doesn’t necessarily mean that one addiction caused the other, the presence of two or more addictions can exacerbate one another.

The nature of addiction in the same for every vice: the brain registers pleasure with a release of the neurotransmitter dopamine, and certain addictions such as pornographic material and narcotic substance release particularly strong surges of dopamine. As described in the 1987 book “Craving for Ecstasy: The Chemistry and Consciousness of Escape,” addictions access neuropathways that act as “rivers in the mind.” Consequently, addictions seem to flow together along the same channels of the brain.

However, the brain can become accustomed to these surges, compelling the individual to either escalate the activity or combine pleasurable activities. For example, it’s not uncommon for a viewer of pornography to do so while high because neither the drug nor the viewing content alone is a sufficient stimulant.

It’s becoming rare for addicts to only grapple with one form of addiction. More and more, pornography is linked to substance abuse, sex addiction, and so on. The more addictions and individual accumulates, the harder it is to return to a healthy state of mind and being.

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