So much can be lost when addiction takes over. Love, family, profession and more can be devastated by a pornography addiction. Most of our visitors fit into one of two categories. Our guess is you might have a loved one who is dealing with a self destructive addiction to pornography. The other is that you are actually dealing with an addiction to pornography and have reached a point of desperation and what to quit but just can’t seem to find a way out. Desert Solace is where change happens. We transform the addict and help them to a new life. A life free from addiction and a life full of purpose and intention. Here you can find your life again.

Pornography is an addiction as powerful and harmful as any drug addiction. There are many who mischaracterize pornography as a bad habit but not an addiction. Why is it then that they cannot go without it and it effects their ability to live a full and fulfilling life? Others feel like once they confess their problem they will be able to move on and live without its influence. Many young men falsely believe that if they can just get married and have the “real thing,” it will cure them of their issues. The crazy thing is most who struggle with this addiction don’t even like pornography. They are  often disgusted by it and yet are draw to it like a fly to light.


The science shows that not only is pornography a full blown addiction but it is in fact ruining our society. It is taking what once was good and pure and defiling it. Our brains are actually being altered by the negative influence of porn. In fact, if you watch a brain scan of an addict taking their desired drug, the brain of a porn addict responds the same exact way. It releases the same hormones and responds to the porn as if it was a drug. It is no wonder why so many of our patients have told us that they have struggled to come clean for years. Some have struggled over several decades.

Desert Solace is the only recovery center that focuses 100% of our efforts to helping our patients overcome pornography addiction. We know this addiction and know of its destructiveness and we are committed to showing our clients the way to freedom from addiction. Our structure and program facilitate healing and becoming whole again. If you are one who is struggling to find help for this addiction please send us your information or call the number listed. We have developed the structure and philosophy that helps our clients truly heal. In fact most of our clients have tried time and time again to ‘muscle’ through their sobriety. Others have made the effort to work with their church leader and to go to counseling and yet others have attended sex-a-holics anonymous or other addiction 12 step programs yet they continue to fall back into their addiction.


  1. Why is it necessary to enroll in inpatient care center to cure my addiction?
    1. Studies have shown that  sobriety is one of the greatest determinants in wether an addict can return to a normal productive life. We have found in our treatments that it takes addicts about 45 days to become free of the chemical bonds that pornography ties them up with. Then we can work on healing inside so there isn’t a return to the addiction.
  2. Can’t I just do it on my own?
    1. Yes and some do, however we find that most people struggle for years and years and never seem to be able to kick the habit. Our program helps to reconfigure a persons outlook and facilitate a complete emotional and mental reboot.
    2. We find that there are so many distractions and life tests when trying to recover from an addiction. Addiction is a symptom of pain and false beliefs. Desert Solace enables recovery and healing. It is an immersive and comprehensive place of healing. There are no electronics here. We hike and work with horses. We write in our journals and read. It is a connection to peace and healing that really works, not only with addiction but with finding a successful and fulfilling life outside of addiction. It is the removal from the addicts world that facilitates healing.
  3. What clinical expertise do you have?
    1. We have licensed clinical therapists specifically trained in treatment of sex addiction. We follow 30 day task model established by Patrick Carnes considered the foremost authority on practices in the treatment of sex addiction. Other approaches include Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) and Equine Therapy. We also have developed a curriculum that helps our clients navigate their lives more healthily in the future. This is not just addiction therapy, it is a place to come and transform your life. A place to heal not only the wounds of pornography addiction but to heal life.
  4. What is life like at the center?
    1. Life is very peaceful and fulfilling at the center. Enrollees have a very productive schedule that gives structure to their life here. We have an on staff chef that prepares healthy meals. We exercise daily. We offer a variety of experiences that help us facilitate healing. There are group meetings and one on one therapy. One of the favorites is our Equine Therapy and working with our horses. This is truly a transformational place.
  5. What has to happen for me to overcome my addiction?
    1. Sobriety – The addiction has hijacked your brain
    2. Cognitive therapy which challenges the addicts deep found beliefs
    3. Reveal and deal with the real issue
    4. Determine or rediscover who the addict really is without the addiction
    5. Change of behavior which comes from change of beliefs
    6. Replacing addiction with purpose and fulfillment
    7. Continue therapy from home
    8. Build a support group at home (local 12 step programs can be a great help here)
    9. Choose to live a life clean from addiction
  6. How much does it cost?
    1. It is impossible to determine your personal costs as it depends on insurance coverage and other variables. Our program is mostly a cash pay program but often insurance can cover some of the costs associated with care. Our goal is to help you. Please reach out to us and we can discuss costs and options for payment. We also have scholarships available.

Here are some examples of people who have successfully recovered using our program.