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Pornography addiction takes many damaging tolls on a person’s life, such as secrets, lying, shame, low self-esteem, and a decreased sex life. While quitting pornography is extremely, it will enhance many facets of your life. Our team at Desert Solace would like to bring to your attention the following areas of your life that can improve after overcoming pornography addiction.

Time Management
Giving up pornography gives you much more time and energy to get things done, and we encourage you to fill with the time with meaningful hobbies and projects to prevent boredom from resulting in a relapse.

Sexual Health
Pornography comes with many negative consequences for your sexual health. You can become desensitized to real-life intercourse and only become aroused by particular sexual scenarios. Some men, after prolonged use of pornography, experience erectile dysfunction or otherwise find themselves unable to perform. You may discover that regaining sexual ability follows naturally after quitting pornography.

Testosterone Levels
Testosterone levels can decrease as a result of prolonged pornography use, and negative side effects of low testosterone include an increased risk of some cancers and being overweight.  Quitting pornography allows these levels to normalize. Some ex-addicts even develop a deeper voice when their testosterone levels return to normal.

You will experience a powerful sense of accomplishment by overcoming pornography, especially as you experience the many ways your life improves. To learn how you can overcome pornography with our 12-step addiction recovery program in St. George, Utah, call Desert Solace at 435-817-1351 today.