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Addiction to pornography physically changes the way your brain thinks, linking everything you experience to the graphic images that have filled your mind. Life after pornography addiction may seem an impossible concept—especially if the addiction has lasted for many years—but it is possible. At Desert Solace, we help people recover from the effects of pornography by helping them to heal their minds. Here are three ways you can begin the healing process now:

– Speak to someone you trust. Whether it is a family member, a good friend, or a specialist, opening up about your problem will ease the burden of carrying a dark secret and allow you to accept the support and love of those who care about you.

– Rebuild your body and expand your lifestyle. Your body may seem like nothing more than a tool for your addiction, but you can rediscover your abilities and self-worth by changing the way you live your life. Create a daily routine that encourages you to get a good night’s rest and wake up at a decent time so that your mind is alert and more resistant to temptation.

– Identify and avoid triggers. In a digitalized world, the presence of pornography is never far, but you can remove yourself from temptation by learning the warning signs. Identify what triggers your craving for pornography and avoid placing yourself in that situation. Instead, seek out environments that are uplifting, wholesome, public, and everything that pornography is not. Place yourself in the company of loved ones and friends who support your efforts to break your addiction.

Breaking free of an addiction is never easy—or else the nature of addiction would not exist—but no matter the grip pornography may currently have one you, it can be undone as you take the necessary steps to heal your mind from its effects. If you feel you need professional help, you are welcome to call us at 435-817-1351 or visit us in St. George, Utah. We are always here for you.