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Depression issues and many forms of addiction, including pornography addiction can often be treated by cognitive behavioral therapy. Sometimes abbreviated as CBT, cognitive behavioral therapy looks at the associations, relationships and triggers in your choices and actions. Then you can make an active positive choice when presented with temptation, rather than giving in to repetitive harmful behavior.

Your therapist will help you examine past behavior patterns and triggers. By first identifying them you will be better armed to make the right choice when the temptation to relapse occurs.

You should expect there to be some form of homework between sessions. This often involves thinking or journaling about your choices and past behavior patterns and then contemplating healthier alternative choices.

Over time as you learn to identify or even expect trigger events and temptations, you will be well armed with positive alternatives. By becoming aware of these situations and how to best deal with them you will enter a new phase of thinking, based on making positive choices today for a long term healthy change.

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