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When people talk about pornography there seem to be a lot of blanket statements made such as:

  • “Everyone watches pornography.”
  • “Utah has the most pornography subscriptions.”
  • “Pornography is only bad if you let it be.”

While science is still catching up to the ill effects of pornography we wanted to find some stats that will help people understand how pornography is affecting our society.

The Industry

Size of the Industry: $57.0 billion World-wide; $12.0 Billion US Alone

-Adult Videos $20.0 billion
-Escort Services $11.0 billion
-Magazines $ 7.5 billion
-Sex Clubs $ 5.0 billion
-Phone Sex $ 4.5 billion
-Cable & Pay Per View $ 2.5 billion
-Internet $ 2.5 billion
-Novelties $ 1.0 billion
-Other $ 1.5 billion

Who Looks At Pornography

  • Men are 543% more likely to look at porn than females.
  • Those who are politically more liberal are 19% more likely to look at porn.
  • Those who have ever committed adultery are 218% more likely to look at porn.
  • Those who have ever engaged in paid sex are 270% more likely to look at porn.
  • Those who are happily married are 61% less likely to look at porn.
  • Those with teen children at home are 45% less likely to look at porn.

Pornography And Marriage

  • In a 2010 national survey, over a quarter of 16- to 17-year olds said they were exposed to nudity online when they did not want to see it. In addition 20% of 16-year-olds and 30% of 17-year-olds have received a “sext” (a sexually explicit text message).
  • About 64-68% of young adult men and about 18% of women watch porn at least once every week.
  • Another 17% of men and another 30% of women watch porn 1-2 times per month.
  • The American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers reports that 56% of divorce cases involve one party having “an obsessive interest in pornographic websites.”
  • According to numerous studiesprolonged exposure to pornography leads to:
    • a diminished trust between intimate couples
    • the belief that promiscuity is the natural state
    • cynicism about love or the need for affection between sexual partners
    • the belief that marriage is sexually confining
    • a lack of attraction to family and child-raising