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As pornography continues to pervade more and more of society, evidence piles up that marks it as a public health issue. Researchers who have studied the porn industry and its influence have found that pornography affects the physical, emotional, and social health of individuals, families, and communities.

Frequent, porn-fueled gratification can result in sexual dysfunction. Overtime, many porn addicts become disinterested in physical love with other people, or are unable to enjoy intercourse with their romantic partners. This loss of a physical relationship can dissolve feelings of love between partners and between families.

Pornography has thrived as an open public secret due to its ability to isolate its users from their friends and loved ones. Pornography is often sought as a cure to loneliness or as a stress reliever. In 2014, one of the most searched-for words on porn sites was “love,” an indication of the inborn desire for connection and intimacy. However, because pornography is only the outer shell of love with no real substance, it can’t provide the closeness that viewers crave. Pornography traps its users in a virtual world, making them unable to connect with those around them.

Though the porn industry has begun catering to the female audience, the majority of pornographic content skews toward misogyny and domestic violence. A 1978-2014 meta-analysis of porn consumption across seven countries revealed an increase in domestic violence and abuse toward women. The same study associated frequent porn consumption with a higher tendency of physical and verbal abuse among both sexes. Pornography teaches men and women alike that people are sexual objects to be viewed with desire rather than esteemed as human.

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