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In recent years the growth of the internet and digital video technology has created more opportunities for pornography exposure in our daily lives. This exposure and potential over exposure becomes more likely due to lax or even non-existent security protocols.

Research has found that exposure to pornographic imagery at a young age is one of the key elements of developing an addiction in early adult life.

In 2006 a study commissioned by the Surgeon General found that 93.2% of boys under the age of 18 had been exposed to pornography on multiple occasions. Some were as young as age 12. In comparison 62.1% of girls also reported exposure at this age.

The study also found that 30% of boys and 38% of girls under 18 were unintentionally exposed to pornography that was available in their own home. Internet security on most pornographic websites is often lax. Often times a minor only needs to click a button falsely claiming they are over age 18.

This makes it especially important for you as a parent to be vigilant about household internet security and computer usage. Be sure to check your home web browser history each day and have a talk with your child about the appropriate use of media.

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