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Some forms of addiction are more prevalent in certain demographic groups. Pornography addiction however, seems to cross cultural boundaries, value systems, and cultural differences. This might be related to its widespread prevalence in our culture, ease of availability, and connection to a common biological drive.

Even people who are averse to using alcohol, drugs, or other chemical forms of escapism can be susceptible to pornography addiction. While it might start out as a minor form of escapism, stress relief, or diversion, it can quickly start to pervade your thoughts.

Just like other forms of addiction, escalation is inevitable. Increased consumption of pornographic images can alter the brain’s responses and interests. Some people will gradually start to choose pornography over a healthy sexual relationship with their partner.

If you find yourself in a situation like this, going alone might not prove to be the most effective route to manage your pornography addiction. You can take comfort in the pornography addiction therapists and specialists at Desert Solace of St. George, Utah.

Over the years we have developed therapeutic practices known to effective treat pornography addiction, while also helping to heal relationships with spouses and other family members.
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