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Pornography addiction is a disturbingly prevalent and increasing problem in modern day culture. This multi-billion dollar industry makes every effort to invade our lives with images, videos, and various intellectual properties.

The wide range of images and videos available with easy access to the internet can start with simple curiosity, that can quickly transform into an obsessive-compulsive cycle. As this pattern starts to develop in your mind and affect your brain chemistry it can start to affect your choices, behavior, and relationships.

Pornography addicts can start to withdraw from the important relationships in their lives. This can be a mixture of needing to consume pornographic images with increasing frequency, as well as a growing sense of shame.

Some pornography addicts will attempt to act out some of the images and scenes they view. This can cause you to treat a spouse in ways that violate their sense of self-respect and self-esteem, or it could also lead to the moral violation of infidelity.

Here at Desert Solace in St. George, Utah, we specialize in helping people conquer their pornography addiction to restore their personal character and re-engage in a healthy lifestyle.

After an initial assessment and evaluation, we can help develop the most effective therapeutic approach for you. This could also include participation from friends and family members who have also been affected by your addiction, to help reunite you with the healthy relationships that are essential to your quality of life.

If you live in the St. George, Utah, area and you have been struggling with a pornography addiction, you should call 435-228-5011 to set up a consultation appointment at Desert Solace.