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At Desert Solace, we are committed to helping individuals break free of pornography addiction and find happiness and fulfillment away from the world of virtual sex. Many pornography users begin visiting websites or hoarding magazines with the belief that their new hobby isn’t hurting anyone, especially their loved ones. Unfortunately, however, we have witnessed the damaging effects pornography addiction can have on love.

Many participants come from committed relationships and join our program after pornography has dissolved their love life or their significant other has offered support in helping them escape addiction. Several pornography addicts will admit that their commitment to porn has threatened their marriages and damaged their homes by taking their focus off loving their spouses and children.

Viewing pornography reminds the watcher that other (seemingly better) sexual partners are out there. It creates dissatisfaction in a relationship when the current partner cannot measure up to the expectations pornography creates. Even pornography users who still engage in intimacy with their partners are more likely to fantasize about onscreen men and women rather than their real-life significant others. Pornography increases the likelihood of infidelity, emotional or physical.

Romantic love is not the only type of relationship that suffers when pornography enters a home. When children witness a parent becoming distant or a sibling locking themselves away in their room, the family suffers. Disappointment, shame, anger, and distrust replace the bond between loved ones, and a home that was once a sanctuary becomes a danger zone.

We aren’t implying that pornography is solely responsible for the loss of love between partners and family members. Viewing pornography is a choice, and that same power to choose is what can help you overcome your porn addiction in St. George, Utah. We invite you to join our community at Desert Solace and learn how you can rebuild the life you lost to pornography. If you have questions about the effects of pornography on love, please give us a call at 435-817-1351 today.