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Starting from a very young age, it is possible for individuals of both sexes to become exposed or drawn to pornography. An innate curiosity about sex is a normal human behavior; however, early exposure or abuse can lead this curiosity to develop into an addictive spiral. We can help females and males of all ages control this overpowering dependency.

Our team of skilled individuals want to lessen the shame and stigma of pornography addiction. The idea that only men can have sexual or porn addictions is simply untrue. Today’s era of technology is the demise of many individuals with porn addictions, as it makes sexual material highly available. Pornography may seem impossible to get away from, but at Desert Solace, we are skilled in compassionately helping you do exactly that. Our intent is to enable you to end the cycle of porn use and mend the relationship you have with yourself and your loved ones; above all, we aim to develop your enthusiasm for a life and future without porn.

Regardless of gender, those who work from home and frequently use home computers are at risk for internet sexual addiction. Psychological risk factors that are also unaffiliated with gender include anxiety, depression, or OCD.

We truly are dedicated to uplifting the men and women participating in our program, and hope to begin healing the destructive effects of pornography addiction. We invite you to get away from life’s stresses and renew your habits and happiness with our pornography addiction treatment program in St. George, Utah. Contact us today at 435-817-1351