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Many people are aware of the obsessive-compulsive nature of substance abuse addiction. At the same time, pornography and gambling addiction also engage a compulsive-obsessive cycle that often needs to be addressed in order to obtain long-term recovery and cessation.

Just like other forms of addiction there escalation or tolerance can be a factor that drives the addict to seek ever increasing forms of satiation.

The obsession phase of the cycle lends itself to the anxiety to participate in the activity. This creates an increasing compulsion to use, participate, or engage in the high-risk behavior. When the addict engages in the behavior, they feel a temporary relief.

This phase of the cycle is often short-lived, and the addict starts to engage in the obsessive thoughts. This has a profound effect on the chemistry of the brain to ingrain the cycle in daily choices and behavior.

Here at Desert Solace in St. George, Utah, we specialize in helping people conquer their addiction to return to a healthy normal life.

This might include exposure and response prevention techniques, cognitive behavioral therapy, or our special approach to the 12-step program.

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