We start with the incredible person you are, and build.


At our Desert Solace in-patient treatment center, our curriculum is spiritually based and includes individual and group therapy, a 12-step program, health and wellness training, after-care, creative arts, music therapy, and life balance education in the areas of emotional, physical, and relational well-being. We have an incredible equine therapy program, that ads strength and meaning to the clinical therapy, and dramatically increases the ability for our clients to heal through service and care.

“Finally, I feel free from the shame and chains of this terrible addiction. Please tell everyone there is hope. Staying silent only makes it worse.”
— Josh, Age 29

Life is multi-dimensional, and so is our program


While we focus on pornography and sex addictions, we also provide treatment for addictions of all kinds, including substance abuse, gaming, and gambling.


  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy
  • 12-Step meetings
  • Full-time, individualized treatment plan
  • Yoga and mindfulness
  • Outdoor recreation
  • Family weekend
  • Equine therapy with on-site horse corral
  • Single- or double-occupancy rooms
  • Personal trainer and chef on site
  • Away from life stressors
  • Intensive focus on sobriety and recovery

With an intense focus on family support, our client's families feel the healing as well. "I’m feeling so blessed to be a part of this group. I sat on the call yesterday in awe of the conversation, and thinking how amazing it is that we are all in a space of being open to working on our not-so-awesome parts, taking back our power, and owning our responsibility to create the lives we want." - Megan (Spouse of Desert Solace Client)

Mark Jorgensen and our compassionate staff are committed to providing hope for those with pornography addiction and sexual addictions in St. George, Utah as well as other types of addiction. Please contact Desert Solace today to learn more about our program. Call today for your free and confidential consultation: (435) 817-1351 or e-mail us at info@desertsolace.com


“I arrived at Desert Solace not knowing if it would help. I felt I had tried everything and nothing was working. Now, after going through the program, I am still amazed at all I learned about myself and this addiction. I am surprised and extremely grateful for how I have learned to so easily handle temptation and triggers. The transformation inside of me is truly remarkable.”
— Wade, Age 25


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Julie Forbes has always had a love of helping people and working with horses. Over the years, she has also been active in many disciplines within the horse world, and after an introduction to Equine Assisted Learning (EAL), she realized her passion. Julie has become experienced in the art of helping individuals make a spiritual and emotional connection with horses to assist in their personal healing and recovery.

“There are no words to describe the experience and the healing that can take place in working with one of these amazing animals,” she says. “Horses are great teachers and I have learned so much from working with them.”

Julie is certified in Equine Assisted Learning and Wings: Bridges to Freedom.


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“Amazing place, amazing staff, incredible program, can’t believe my loved one was so transformed. Thanks Desert Solace.”
— Jeri, Family Member

Our aim is to get you healed and back to the important people in your life.


Our clinical experts work with you and your families to build success plans that help sustain the healing after their visit to Desert Solace. Family relationships are strengthened as part of the healing process, and our family-visit program, weekly support conference calls, and post therapy support programs are designed to be lifelong solutions for our patients and their families.


At Desert Solace we believe the addictive behaviors of a loved one can affect the entire family, which is why we offer strong support to the families before, during and after the treatment. 

We also have a private Facebook page where comments, wins, and inspirational messages can be shared. We invite spouses to post to a private message board for those who prefer not to use Facebook. As we study the current research and findings on addiction and recovery, we learn and share as we collectively embrace this journey of hope, healing, and recovery through experiences and support of each other. Over the years, we have found that these support tools can also transform the lives of families. as well as the client. 

We received a note from the spouse of one of our clients, and she shared, "None of us are perfect at this stuff, but what matters most is that we’re practicing it. I’m proud of us all! Thank you Jerri for creating this safe space for us to learn and grow!"

“I was addicted to pornography for 17 years before going to Desert Solace. During the past 8 years, I tried every recovery option I could find, without success. The addiction had taken so much and was about to take everything. Even though I wasn’t sure it would work, I went to Desert Solace with a single goal: to find out how to stop using pornography. I was surprised to find that pornography was not my only problem and that it had affected every aspect of my life. I also found that there is a way to gain not only sobriety but also peace. My life has changed more than I ever thought it would. I am now in recovery and am learning how to enjoy life and live without the pain of addiction.”
— Brett, Age 31