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Pornography addiction continues to be a widespread problem across the United States of America, and specifically the state of Utah. It is more common in younger males, though it can certainly have an impact at any age.

Married men and women who become trapped by a pornography addiction often start to distance themselves from their spouse and children. This can have a profound negative effect on the family dynamic and potentially cause significant marital stress.

Rather than having your marriage torn apart by the meaningless ravages of pornography addiction, you can turn to the professional help and guidance offered by Desert Solace. Here at our headquarters in St. George, Utah we offer a variety of therapeutic options.

Our therapists will work with you to find the method that works best for you. Once you have fully engaged with the recovery process we can also help bring your spouse into the equation, to help reconnect your healthy bond and start the process of reuniting your family.

If necessary we can also provide you with after care resources to help maintain your freedom from pornography addiction, or to help redevelop a healthy and rewarding family structure.

If you live in the region surrounding St. George, Utah, and you have been struggling with pornography addiction and its negative impact on your marriage, you should call 435-228-5011 to set up a consultation appointment at Desert Solace.