Success Stories


Dear Lynne,

We will never forget the day we brought Ben to Desert Solace and met you. We were heart broken, discouraged and fearful to leave him there-not knowing if treatment there would help him and maybe all of that money would be wasted. But upon seeing you, all of that disappeared and we felt calm, peace, love and hope. And me as his mom felt such relief and comfort. It’s an experience I will never forget nor have I experienced anything like that before.

Thank you Lynne, from the bottom of our hearts for the help you have given our son. Words will never be able to express our gratitude. Thank you for what you have taught us and how you have helped us the few short weekends we were there. Ben is quite a different person now. I watch him handle things now in a much healthier way he forgives himself and works to love himself. He’s calmer and seems to feel comfortable in “his own skin”.

You truly are an angel to us sent from Heaven. You and Desert Solace were an answer to the pleading prayers of all of us. We will forever be indebted to you and grateful for you. We will always carry in our hearts a great love for you. If anyone comes to “being love”, it’s you.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

Smith Family

I was addicted to pornography for 17 years before going to Desert Solace. During the past 8 years, I tried every recovery option AI could find, without success. The addiction had taken so much and was about to take everything. Even though I wasn’t sure it would work, I went to Desert Solace with a single goal: to find out how to stop using pornography. I was surprised to find that pornography was not my only problem and that it had affected every aspect of my life. I also found that there is a way to gain not only sobriety but also peace. My life has changed more than I ever thought it would.  I am now in recovery and am learning how to enjoy life and live without the pain of addiction.

Brett, Age 31

“We can’t thank you enough for all you have done for our son.

You have helped him gain so much knowledge to bless his future. Thank you for being his parents and family these past two months. He has felt much love, friendship and encouragement from each of you. You have provided him with so many tools. You have a wonderful program and we thank you for being an answer to our needs.”

– Parents of Client, Age 22


“Finally, I feel free from the shame and chains of this terrible addiction. Please tell everyone there is hope. Staying silent only makes it worse.”

Josh, Age 29



I arrived at Desert Solace not knowing if it would help. I felt I had tried everything and nothing was working. Now, after going through the program, I am still amazed at all I learned about myself and this addiction. I am surprised and extremely grateful for how I have learned to so easily handle temptation and triggers. The transformation inside of me is truly remarkable. The 45 days I spent at Desert Solace was a short time compared to the many years of pain and struggle I experienced living in my addiction. I feel like Desert Solace really jumpstarted my recovery and gave me a truly solid foundation to build on. Where once there was hopelessness and despair, I now experience true hope and joy on a daily basis.

Wade, Age 25

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