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Addiction to pornography and pornographic images is a problem that continues to grow throughout American Society. While the majority of people struggling with pornography addiction tend to be men. However, women are not immune to the issue.

Pornography is a gradual process, where exposure to pornographic images becomes compulsive. This can lead the individual to feel a loss of control over their choices of how and when they view pornography. This is often accompanied by issues related to sexual dysfunction and the ability to maintain long-term healthy relationships.

Early symptoms of pornography addiction include feelings of shame or depression. This might also be accompanied by increased use of drugs and alcohol. Many people struggling with pornography addiction also start to have issues performing at work or school.

Pornography addiction can have a serious negative impact on relationships. You might find trouble maintaining long term relationships or become disinterested in your current relationship. In time this can also result in sexual dysfunction, loss of interest in your partner and erectile dysfunction.

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