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When the term “pornography” appears in conversation, news or billboard signs, most people automatically attribute it to websites, images and videos. However, pornography stretches beyond visual media and can be found in the written word as well–a genre known as erotica.

Here are three reasons erotica is dangerous:

  1. Erotica leaves a lot to the reader’s imagination.

While this may seem like a good thing, it forces readers to focus harder on the content than they would need to in order to view an image or video. The words can linger in a reader’s mind for a long time after.

  1. Erotica does not have the same viewing constrictions as other forms of hardcore pornography.

While some forms of graphic and disturbing videos and websites can only be accessed by viewers of a certain age, erotica can be easily picked up in a bookstore or library or even downloaded for free on an e-book device.

  1. Erotica can be as addictive and compulsive as viewing pornography.

Many people who began reading erotica out of curiosity or a love of romance novels have found the hyper-stimulating content to be very compulsive. Over time, some even find themselves developing a warped view of sex and intimacy.

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