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Disappointment is a common emotion for those struggling with an addiction to pornography. Disappointment in oneself. Disappointment at getting caught. However, addiction itself can also be a disappointment to the part of the brain that craves pornographic fulfillment.

To disappoint means to fail to fulfill an expectation or wish, which is the nature of pornography. Many individuals take up pornography as a means to satisfy a physical or emotional desire that is lacking in their personal life. Pornography is not a tangible, sentient being, and so it’s incapable of providing true intimacy, which is what most people crave. The individual is left empty and unfulfilled, but because the pornographic content has stimulated the “reward” sensor in the brain, the craving only grows stronger.

Over time, addicts find themselves becoming ensnared in an endless cycle of disappointment revolving around a powerful temptation who’s only real accomplishment is to let down its users. Such a situation can have severely damaging effects on mental health, emotional wellbeing, and personal relationships.

If you or someone you love is feeling trapped in an endless cycle of disappointment brought on by a pornography addiction, we encourage you to contact Desert Solace at 435-817-1351. We can help you and your loved ones find much needed peace and self-love with the help of our 12-step program. You are welcome to call or visit us in St. George, Utah.