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If you or your significant other struggles with an addiction to pornography, Desert Solace is here to provide guidance and support. While pornography addiction manifests itself in many ways (eg, internet viewing, erotic literature, chat rooms), the effect on personal relationships is nearly always the same: a crumbling of trust, self-confidence, and intimacy.

When an individual discovers that their partner is viewing pornography, a deep sense of betrayal is common, especially when both parties had previously established that sex and intimacy is for the two of them alone. Along with this sense of betrayal comes a loss of trust and even self-confidence. Real-life partners can’t compete with the glamorous, perfect individuals found on-screen and in print. The partner not participating in viewing pornography may begin to feel inadequate, unwanted, and deeply inferior.

As watching/reading pornographic content escalates, the addicted partner begins to withdraw, often preferring pornography to actual intimacy. The addicted partner may even seek gratification from other sources, such as online chat rooms and affairs. Some individuals even attempt to act out on their partners what they have seen onscreen, leading to a breach in respect and personal boundaries.

Some couples attempt to compromise by viewing pornography together, hoping to increase the bond of intimacy. Unfortunately, a relationship with pornography can only ever be one-sided and is not meant to be shared, as both individuals can’t experience it the same way. Instead of increasing their love, the couple finds themselves drawn toward the graphic material, rather than each other.

The good news is that, as long as both parties are willing, your relationship still has potential. Several treatment options exist to help the addicted partner and heal the bond, including couples therapy and one-on-one counseling with a trusted specialist. If you or a loved one would like to investigate treatment options, we invite you to call Desert Solace at 435-817-1351 or visit our facility in St. George, Utah.