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While a casual habit of consuming pornography may seem harmless at worst and an exciting solution to a lagging sex life at best, it comes with many unforeseen consequences. Knowing the emotional and mental costs of pornography can help you understand the need for professional assistance in breaking a compulsive habit.

Increased Depression

While pornography can provide instant gratification that momentarily overrides feelings of loneliness and pain, these will only resurface and can even escalate if they aren’t addressed in a healthy manner.


Some people turn to pornography to alleviate loneliness, but others discover it to be an unfortunate outcome of pornography addiction. A growing habit of pornography keeps you away from healthy communities and constructive hobbies, and if your habit is a secret, it can cause you to withdraw from your relationships.

Loss of Intimacy

A common and misguided belief is that pornography can enhance intimacy; however, it actually drives a wedge between two people when someone become dissatisfied with their partner’s appearance and performance in comparison to what they see on screen.

Broken Relationships

One of the truly devastating effects of pornography addiction is its ability to undo relationships of all kinds, from romantic to familial. Partners often feel betrayed when their significant other prefers to spend their time alone with a screen, and friends and family begin to wonder why their loved one has become withdrawn.

Pornography can affect individuals of all ages, sexes, and relationship statuses. If you are struggling in the grip of pornography, we invite you to reach out to Desert Solace at 435-817-1351 to learn how you can overcome these emotional and mental costs by breaking pornography addiction in St. George, Utah.