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You are addicted, not to a drug, but to a behavior. Porn addiction can be devastating to your emotional health, your relationships, and your entire life. Attending a porn addiction recovery program like the ones offered by Desert Solace can help, but even then it can be difficult to overcome your addiction. Why are addictions so addicting? Why are they so difficult to stop?

Understanding your addiction can help you to overcome it. Is your porn addiction about sex? Is it about a loss of faith? Actually, most behavioral addictions are a reaction to stress. When something happens that makes you stressed, you feel a sense of helplessness. Feeling powerless—like you have a loss of control—is where addiction comes into play. When you decide to do an addictive act, then you have control over something, which reverses your feelings of helplessness. But in reality, though you may feel like you are in control, you have actually given up all control by putting yourself in an addictive cycle.

Another aspect of how addiction is a reaction to stress deals with the difficulty in expressing your feelings. Stress can make you feel frustrated and angry. When these feelings are expressed directly, then you may feel better about the situation now that you have had your say in it. However, most of the time we do not express our feelings of frustration directly, instead we input them through an addictive behavior.

You can pinpoint the moments of stress you have before developing a desire to partake in addictive behaviors such as viewing pornography. This point is what you need to work on to help reverse your addiction cycle. If there is a way to remove stress in your life, then do it. When you do find yourself in stressful situations, learn how to directly express your feelings appropriately. When you go to these roots of your porn addiction, you can overcome it.