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Individuals who view pornography frequently often upgrade from free internet findings to subscriptions for pornographic magazines, websites, videos, and more. Financially, the cost can remain fairly low. However, there is more than one price linked to pornography, and money is only a small part.

Pornography costs your self-image. Pornography represents the most exaggerated, airbrushed, and unrealistic version of sex, yet it will leave viewers feeling down about themselves. As appealing as pornography can seem, it does not to build self-confidence. Those who spend hours watching pornography miss out on opportunities to improve their talents and find happiness in healthy activities.

Pornography costs your happiness. Many people begin viewing pornography out of curiosity and continue to view it for the momentary happiness it brings. That brief feeling, though, is quickly replaced by a sense of loss and loneliness. As a porn habit becomes compulsive, the good moments disappear and depression is all that’s left.

Pornography costs your sex life. Contrary to the belief that pornography is a good mentor for sexual education, viewing pornography can decrease sex drive and result in less-satisfying sex in real life. Pornography addiction has been known to lower testosterone levels and contribute to erectile dysfunction.

Pornography costs your sense of freedom. Viewing pornography starts out as a choice, but it can rapidly spiral into an addiction. Before the viewer knows it, they are compelled to continue watching pornography because the brain and body crave the images and sensations above anything else.

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