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Excessive consumption of pornographic videos and images can become addicting. If pornography addiction isn’t addressed and adequately treated, it can lead to a variety of problems. This often includes difficulties with forming or maintaining long term, healthy relationships. In time it can even lead to issues with sexual dysfunction, depression and financial loss.

If your compulsion to view pornography has gotten out of control, you should investigate your treatment options. Pornography addiction can often be successfully treated using the principles of cognitive behavioral treatment.

Initial treatment of porn addiction usually focuses on two important factors. The first involves separating you from the addictive material or media. This is followed up by addressing the denial and excuses that you’ve used to justify the excessive pornographic consumption.

Cognitive behavior therapy focuses on the decision making process in the present moment. By identifying your triggers, and impulses, you can effectively make better choices in the here and now.

By finding alternative activities, the behaviors associated with your pornography addiction slowly become less ingrained in the way you make choices. Finding friends or family members that can offer you support with you feel tempted to relapse will also go a long way towards helping your new healthy behavior to assert itself.

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