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Pornography is as addictive as any drug, alcohol, or tobacco product, but the effects are not manifested in your appearance. Our team at Desert Solace urges you to quit pornography for the sake of your mental and emotional health.

The use of pornography stimulates the portion of the brain that releases dopamine when the body experiences pleasure, as a means of reward-driven learning. Dopamine is a powerful hormone that creates pathways in the brain to link memory to the object of pleasure, compelling the body to experience that pleasure again. This occurs when eating food, making love, taking drugs, and viewing pornography.

When repeated dopamine spikes overstimulate the reward center of the brain, you will begin to feel desensitized toward the object of pleasure. This requires finding a more powerful drug or viewing a different session of pornography, often with the result of watching more violent or hardcore content.

Furthermore, the use of pornography as a sexual release creates a bind with the object of arousal. What is meant to help you feel closer to your partner can actually shift your interest from them to the content you view on screen. Some studies have found an association of pornography with hostility toward marriage and an increased likelihood to cheat on a partner. Pornography has also been linked to low testosterone, depression, and erectile dysfunction.

If you have recently begun viewing pornography, we advise you to quit now. If you are struggling with an addiction, please call 435-817-1351 to contact our team at Desert Solace and learn how you can quit pornography in St. George, Utah. You will find that breaking this harmful and addictive habit will improve areas of your life you did not know pornography had affected.